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Mr Desmond Ho

Associate Director of Arup

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Arup is a global collective of designers, engineering and sustainability consultants, advisors and experts dedicated to sustainable development, and to using imagination, technology and rigour to shape a better world.

Desmond is the team director of the Total Sustainable and Digital Design (TSDD) in Arup. He has wide range of project experience covering large-scale resort, low carbon campus, high-rise office building and mixed-use commercial development. Desmond as leading the team dedicate on digital and sustainability development as well as in research projects in Sustainable and Low-carbon materials.

Desmond will introduce the TSDD approach from low-carbon urban planning to a low-carbon building design. Using a computational design platform, we can go beyond the core client concerns of value per square metre, energy use and materials costs. Desmond’s digital design approach will allows us to add in additional criteria for comfort (wind, daylight, acoustics), quality (views, pedestrian accessibility) or sustainability (embodied carbon, biodiversity improvements) and many others, to round out a truly sustainable design definition that the client, investors, planning department and local community can agree on. The tool can generate many options that meet our requirements and this will then enable architectural development that is grounded in achievable sustainability goals for the project as a whole.

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